Mr. Krishnan Ramanathan
Head Operations, Mom n Me

A Mumbaikar at heart Krishnan Ramanathan, is a veteran in the retail industry and has spent the last 2 decades keeping the country “on time” with one the nation’s largest time keepers – Titan Industries.

At a time when sales meant walking with your shoulder bag selling from door to door or store to store, Krishnan was selling to the Big Guns, and quite literally, when he was the head of institutional sales for the defense sector.Being in retail sales for the majority of his career, has given Krishnan the ability to trend spot and have a keen understanding of both the retail sector and the ever evolving consumer.

Krishnan’s stint as Retail Head in Titan ended earlier this year when he moved to the much younger Mahindra Retail to take the reins of the company’s flagship brand Mom &Me’s franchise expansion and operations. Mom &Me is a specialty retail store catering to the needs of Mother & Child. Being a parent to 2 boys himself, he believes that every mother and child deserves the best products and services and aims to do just that by taking Mom & Me to every part of the country through a successful franchise model.

Today Krishnan, speaks on Franchisee Expectations and a brief insight into Specialty Retail.

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Moms who want to do more require a path that travels between the pressure hours of a start-up, where everything rests on them, and the long hours of a job, where the boss calls the shots. For most mothers who do not enjoy being in the ownership position of a mature enterprise, this mid-way solution is a franchise business.

As its corporate social responsibility Franchise India seeks to empower mothers who want to do more with the Franchise opportunity of their choice.