Mr. Vikram Bakshi
Managing Director & Joint Venture Partner, MCDonalds India (North & East)

As the Managing Director & JV Partner of McDonalds India [North & East], a Joint Venture with McDonald’s Corporation of USA, Mr Vikram Bakshi has successfully established McDonalds as the leading consumer brand and Industry leader in the QSR sector. Mr Bakshi trained a multinational giant to become sensitive to Indian cultural conditions at a time when India Inc. was yet to develop. An entrepreneur, has created opportunity for others in his country and maximized it in the corporate world abroad. In its last decade of operations in India, McDonald’s India has achieved major milestones in the QSR business, and has set benchmark for others to follow.

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10th India's Topmost
awards in Franchising.
7th Awards for excellence
in Indian Retailing

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Moms who want to do more require a path that travels between the pressure hours of a start-up, where everything rests on them, and the long hours of a job, where the boss calls the shots. For most mothers who do not enjoy being in the ownership position of a mature enterprise, this mid-way solution is a franchise business.

As its corporate social responsibility Franchise India seeks to empower mothers who want to do more with the Franchise opportunity of their choice.