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Franchise India 2014

11-12, 2014

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"At Franchise India, Entrepreneurship remains at heart of all our undertakings and we feel growth is a constant change that we should seek in our life and businesses. Through, Franchising we are making our humble contribution in empowering local entrepreneurs of our Great Nation by serving over a million businesses annually."

What makes India a nation?
India is one land embracing many cultures with varied caste, colour, creed, cuisine, and costumes. With differences of convictions and customs, how do we Indians leave our inhibitions and become united? Still, some kind of unity exists and it is best seen when a north Indian lady wears a Kanjeevaram saree or a Tamilian eats a chana bathura, or the times when they visit their own religious places and use a common brand of incense. By far, the best example of unity is, when we all pray for India to win a particular cricket match.

Today, our commercial landscape is a significant factor in the appearance of a unified India and this change has come more strongly in the last decade when businesses all around us are today offering similar branded choices in entertainment, food, education, communication, health, travel, cinemas, salons, hospitals and more so that when we make a reference to McDonalds or Levis, our counterpart in the opposite corner of the country knows exactly what we mean.

Diversity of India united through opportunity
Today, we are once again in the middle of another economic transformation, and this time, it is driven by the consumer. The beauty of change, however, is that India Next is growing up in an interconnected world. More and more people want to experience excitement and freshness in brands that they consume, while retaining in the comfort of the known. Indian Consumer today expects modernization, and at the same time, demands uniformity.

In 1999, we believed that our great nation with many religions, languages and consumer patterns can best be united through Franchising. This is Where we empower local entrepreneurs through best practices and leading brands and in turn help brands grow fast. Furthermore ,Franchising brings like-minded people to come together and creates a vehicle to popularise the larger Brand across the country, continent or the world. And interestingly, it is the unity within a franchise system that makes the brand a success. Within a decade or less, franchising already comprises over 40% of our retail and consumer business economy; employing millions of people, and enabling hundreds of thousands to realise the dream of successful business ownership.

Uniting India @ Franchise India 2014
Franchise India 2014 is an event inspired by the possibility of Innovation in the entrepreneurial eco-system and serves as an entity to bring people together who separately are developing and distributing business opportunities around the country. It will be convened in a 2-day gathering of entrepreneurs, investors and brands, to see the potential for a better future that offers the right business opportunity and privilege of self-employment to more and more people to live and thrive.

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With Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking MPs to adopt a village for Swach Bharat in his Independence Day speech, we at Franchise India have taken a cue and have turned it into our CSR initiative. With this, our aim is to draw the attention of franchisors to this noble cause by asking them to adopt the road where they have a shop/store/outlet and keep it clean. With franchisors opening so many stores across India, the day is not far where we will have a clean India.

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