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Franchise India 2014

11-12, 2014

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Mr. Harman Baweja
Co-founder, LYS, Celebrity Fitness Enthusiast, Actor & Dancer

Co-founder of LYS, Celebrity Fitness Enthusiast, Actor & Dancer

Harman Baweja is a celebrity, fitness enthusiast and dancer. He has played a key role in setting up each and every aspect of LYS Fitness as he supports Bipasha in her drive to keep daughters, mothers, wives and sisters fit.

Harman has worked tirelessly behind the scene to ensure that every minute detail and service of LYS Fitness is exactly how it should be. After giving much thought to every single service, from suggesting some of the best fitness diets, to the selection of the most effective training routines. From choosing outstanding fitness trainers, to creating ideal fitness models and zeroing in on a menu of services, that will act as a challenge to any fitness diva.

In his latest film, Harman showcases his versatility as an actor, while his well toned physique testifies to his firm commitment to fitness. Harman has actively contributed his in-depth knowledge to ensure an all round standard of excellence, in every single activity and service offered by LYS Fitness.

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With Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking MPs to adopt a village for Swach Bharat in his Independence Day speech, we at Franchise India have taken a cue and have turned it into our CSR initiative. With this, our aim is to draw the attention of franchisors to this noble cause by asking them to adopt the road where they have a shop/store/outlet and keep it clean. With franchisors opening so many stores across India, the day is not far where we will have a clean India.

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