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Gaurav Marya,Chairman, Franchise India

"The Modern Age of Business needs Franchising to be empowered with 3T's -TECHNOLOGY, TARGET GROUP & TRANSITION to curate success"

Evolution of an Economy
The Indian economy has evolved from the agricultural era to an industrial society and further into an Information age of today driven by technology and services. Each era has impacted and permanently changed our way of life.

Modern farming changed how we consumed food and then the maturity of Industrial age made machines an integral part of our lives. Today, we are in the midst of Information age. What started with some software to ease our business processes in 1980's is now seeing its peak performance as eCommerce in this Information age. Whether one is 8 or 80, our dependence on technology is 100%.

Businesses - whether big or small cannot be outside observers to the digital world. We need to accept that eCommerce is big and it is here to stay. The Information era is bound to leave the highest ever impact on humankind for its ways that generate strong revenues by building greater operational efficiencies while uncovering new sources of innovation at the bottom of the pyramid for gainful self-employment.

This Cult of Innovation has brought a Business ecosystem that will enhance the current economic landscape of franchising industry, unlike otherwise perceived. There are 3T's for Franchise success, which will also be the foundation of Franchise India 2015, now returning in its 13th year. Today, if Franchisors or Franchisees see themselves existing and flourishing in business for next 10 years, business models need to be re-engineered around eCommerce revolution. The power will reside with businesses that will factor aggregating and distributing information in their business model. Franchise India 2015 will showcase 500 + new age business opportunities and also age-old businesses that have modernized themselves to the need of today 'society.

The Second T relates to the Target group or the consumer of the business. In today's time, If your product or the service business has not been planned around a 25-year-old - ideally both for the customer and business Partner, or at least for the business buyer, you should not be in franchising. Franchise India 2015 has factored the Power of the Youth Entrepreneurship with its theme # I Run my Business and will showcase business opportunities in Franchising for people in their 20s or early 30s, considering them as prime franchisee candidates. Franchise India 2015 salutes the Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit and will reach out to a million plusyoung entrepreneurs and invite them to the mega event to enable them to make an informed decision to Start a Business.

The Final T is about understanding Transition, the only constant in the business. If your business is any more than 3 years old and is primarily based on replication without conjoining innovation, the business will soon become fatigued with no consumers or eager franchisees looking to join you. In current times, Transition needs to be built into the business plan. In today's age, business cannot survive for 10 years on the back of same product or service. Therefore, Change has to be pre-meditated rightfrom the start of business and your franchise partners should be with you on the same page with you on this . Franchise India 2015 will build unparalledknowledge for Starting, Managing and Growing a Business in the new age business order with business authorities from India and the world, sharing global insights at the conference tracks.

Franchising is the most successful business model in the contemporary world but responsible franchising is the only way of growing, where enterprises and the franchisees could exist in a harmonious environment in 21st century.

I look forward to welcoming you to Franchise India 2015!

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