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Dr. Shabnam Sharma, Director,

Dr. Shabnam Sharma's entrepreneurial learning started early as she began assisting her family in their exotic fruit farming business in a small town of Fazilka in Punjab.

She was very creative in finding innovative ways to preserve and save costs in packaging and transportation of fruits across India. In order to fulfill her father's dream the she decided to pursue a degree in Dental Surgery (BDS). However, the desire of starting her own company continued to captivate her mind. With several of her classmates becoming successful in their dental practices listening to her sound business advise, it became clear to her that her true calling was to be an entrepreneur herself.

During one of her visits to US, she got introduced the concept of Robotics based hands-on learning idea mooted by MIT. Inspired by this great decided to step into this business that focuses on the holistic development of children. In 2006, she co-founded Techtronics Education, partnered with LEGO and started offering Robotics based hands-on learning solutions to schools.

3 years ago, armed with her success in the Robotics business in schools, she decided to branch out on her own and launched RoboGenius Academy in India to pioneer in Robotics and hands-on learning solutions India that offers structured Robotics and STEM learning courses for students to bridge the gap between key theoretical concepts and their real world application, in the fun filled and engaging environment.

She has been working passionately to change the learning method for children from rote to playful learning using robotics & advanced technology that not only excels their academic skills, but also play an important role in building strong learning foundation of the child. She aspires to make RoboGenius the largest Robotics training company in India.

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