October 12-13, 2019 Pragati Maidan,
New Delhi, India
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Adnan Sarkar Owner, Dr Bubbles

Adnan Sarkar discovered the taste of bubble tea on one of his trips to South East Asia. The slight aberration to the experience of drinking tea got the better of him and he realised that it was a drink Mumbai would love to experiment with.

Adnan ensured that the first outlet of Dr Bubbles Chai Specialistopened its doors to the public only after a lot of meticulous research and he himself assumed multiple roles during the process. From designing the Dr. Bubbles logo to custom building the machinery to get the drinks just right, Adnan was a part of everything

Today, when Dr Bubbles is an established name, Adnan is still open to feedback and values his loyal customers. Adnan also believes in the motto ‘Think global, act local’ sourcing his ingredients from an array of international locations – the tapioca is from Taiwan, the bubbles from the UK, the jelly is from a supplier in India who gets it from Thailand -- however each of the drinks are specially crafted to suit Indian tastes.