Startup Summit Agenda

Day 1 - Nov 7, 2017
10:00 am - 10:15 am Welcome Address

Lighting Of Lamp & Inauguration

Growth Summit

The vision of the Growth Summit will be to mainly focus on Building high growth Consumer Industry Businessess. The Consumer Industry today is more directed and personalized where; the changing face of the consumer, evolving geopolitical dynamics, new patterns of personal consumption, technological advancements, and structural industry shifts have largely affected the industry to change and become more consumer driven.
10:35 am - 11:15 am

Session 1: The Great Entrepreneurial Vision India 2020: The Ecosystem For Building Growth Focused Businesses

Session Highlights:
  • Start-up India, Stand-up India: Giving Wings to New Ideas
  • How fast can Start-ups grow? Transforming the speed and scale of entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise strategy & policy developments: Government's role in fostering entrepreneurship
  • Leadership in action: Building Businesses for growth and sustainability
  • Stepping into the Global Marketplace-Expanding your business & Open New Markets
  • Making India an easier place to do business: What changes will it take
  • Mega Trends that are disrupting existing Industries and creating new ones
  • Economic Growth and Closing the Skills Gap: A call of Government and Business
  • Opportunities to work with Government and Corporate Contracts
11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Session 2: How to launch a Fast Growing Consumer Company: Opportunity Identification and Business Planning

Session Highlights:
  • How to find your `entrepreneurial sweet spot`. Finding the best business idea for you.
  • Qualifying the idea: What risks should be considered when launching your startup?
  • Identifying High Growth & Habit Forming Products for Starting -up: Business Ideas to inspire the next generation
  • Business Planning Processes: Resource Assessment & Opportunity Evaluation
  • How scalable is it for you to launch new products or offering?
  • What is the best launch strategy for a startup?
12:30 pm - 13:30 pm

Session 3: How To Build A Brand

Session Highlights:
  • How can you build a brand that is differentiated
  • How are consumers making more informed lifestyle decisions then before
  • How does Franchising help a Business expand and build a Brand and consumers
  • The 21st century Businesses : Value of Design and Brand Communication : personalize and localize
13:30 pm - 14:30 pm Networking Lunch Break

International Summit

In the consumer market landscape of India, International brands have become significant contributors. International Summit will have 75+ global brands from 10 countries that are considering partnerships, licensing and master franchising, area representation, distributorship or dealership with Indian Business counterparts and will share their growth blueprint for India. Session Highlights:

  • How International Brands are viewing India today vs 5 years back
  • Sectors in the International Consumer Market that are upbeat on India today
  • What are the possible partnerships and growth plans for Indian market
14:30 pm - 15:30 pm

Session 1: The India Market Promise For Global Brands

Session Highlights:
  • Major sectors for Business growth and expansion in India
  • Indian Economy
  • Right People, Processes And Partnerships
15:30 pm - 16:30 pm

Session 2: Selecting And Negotiating A Master Franchisee: What Global Brands Look For

Session Highlights:
  • Evaluating the economics of a master franchise: assess earnings claims, analyze franchise agreements, and minimize risks
  • How do successful multi-unit and multi-concept franchisees select a new brand?
  • What are the principal negotiating points: A Win-Win Approach
16:30 pm - 16:45 pm Networking Tea
16:45 pm - 17:45 pm

Session 3: A Franchise Brand For Master Franchise Investment: A Showcase Of Exciting Global Master Franchise Opportunities

Session Highlights:
  • The Parameters & Opportunity assessment in a Master Franchise
  • Master franchisees :new opportunities for India in Food, Retail, Education
  • How to weigh product, franchisee satisfaction, leadership team, unit closures, marketing, etc.
  • Understanding what do franchisors look for in a potential master franchisee & Evaluate him
  • What are the initial opening fees and how the royalties are split?
  • What does the development agreement look like?
  • Who is responsible for site selection, collections, ongoing training and support?
Day 2 - Nov 8, 2017
8:00 am - 10:00 am

Power Breakfast Session

Session Highlights:
  • What is Trending in Franchising: New Business Concepts , Hot Sectors , Going international & Business IPO's
  • How Ecosystem of Franchising is changing through Technology
  • How can Funding make franchise business realize their growth & Sustainability
  • How to manage and engage with your Franchisees Better

Innovation Summit

India has become an Innovation economy. The innovation summit will showcase New products, services, technologies ,pricing tactics, consumer experiences (both physical and digital), customer service initiatives, sustainability and new age business models across major Consumer facing industries.

Session Highlights:
  • Latest Tech-innovations
  • Top trends in the Innovation in Consumer Facing Industry
10:15 am - 11:00 am

Session 1: Venturing Into Healthcare, Beauty & Wellness

Session Highlights:
  • The Uber for Health: The arrival of on-demand healthcare.
  • What are the latest trends and what's coming next for fitness + wellness
  • How are consumers making more informed lifestyle decisions then before
  • Too much information: Does the range of Beauty & wellness Business concepts (Products/services) empower or imperil the consumer?
  • To what degree will the rise of tech change the traditional Business models
  • Integrated approach to Beauty + Wellness: What's hot, what can be adapted
  • Will Wellness become a part of primary healthcare?
11:00 am - 11:15 am Networking Tea
11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Session 2: The Food Revolution

Session Highlights:
  • Food business brands to watch out for 2016- 2017
  • The science of investing and the art of managing international food brands in India
  • Strategies to maximizing revenue & profitability for restaurant franchisees
  • Sweet dishes: Side Dishes: Small Bites, Big Flavors, The small format Profitable business!!
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Session 3: The Rising Tide Of Edupreneurs Changing The Future Of Education Business

Session Highlights:
  • K-12 Education Investment: Big Investment - Big Returns
  • Why are women entrepreneurs most suitable business candidates for Early Learning
  • A Busi0ness case for Digitization: Leveraging New and Old Technologies into for Today's Education Business Models
  • Skill Development &Vocational education: Taping the new opportunities & delivering scalable models
12:45 pm - 13:30 pm

Session 4: The Retail + Ecommerce 101: New Relationship Between Consumers &retail Brands & E-commerce

Session Highlights:
  • How, When, Where and Why is Consumer Buying Across the Country
  • Brand partnerships: Which model are retailers using
  • Upcoming trends in fashion: Are consumers favoring subtlety over extraversion?
  • How will Retailers need to be consistently innovative in introducing breakthrough stores
  • How are New Age Retailers building successful and aspirational brands in their markets?
  • Winning Over the Store less Generation: How Ecommerce & Mobile Commerce will Influence and Drive Retail
  • The New Business Models in Retail as Brands go Omni channel
  • How & Why to take your Business Online
  • Exploring the future of e-tail online and mobile - the next five years
13.30 pm - 14.15 pm Networking Lunch Break

Money Summit

The Focus of the Money summit will be mainly on raising capital and funding for Businesses from start-ups to SMEs. The session will focus on Capital Insights for capturing the top trends and sectors that will get funding in times to come

Session Highlights:
  • Thinking outside of the box - How to make your business unique to make your funding prospects strong
  • Capitology : How to Capture the Attention of Investors, Customers and Users
  • Evaluating accelerators and pre-seed/ seed investment
  • Franchise Funding: Funding of proven formats at Start up stage
  • Return on Connections: Topping your ability to Influence & The ability to reach more people
14:30 pm - 15:15 pm

Session 1: Debt & Bank Capital

Session Highlights:
  • The emerging DEBT capital Lending regime for SME's
15:15 pm - 16:00 pm

Session 2: Capital City: Getting Funded in 2016 -2017-Balancing Both Sides of the Table

Session Highlights:
  • How are the major Angel Funds/Venture Capital firms infusing capital in great companies
  • How to Get Bought and Not Sold
  • What approach of scaling up do PE/VC firms seek in an entrepreneurial venture
  • What a Fund brings to the table as an investor other than cash
  • When and How would VC company wants to take an exit
  • Learning the difference between Retail and Institutional Investors.
16:00 pm - 16:15 pm Tea Break
16:15 pm - 17:45 pm

Session 3: The Mega Session: Hot Startups 101

The start-ups are rocking the boat with new Ideas, new Products and new Business models. These are the people who make you rethink what you thought you knew about retail, impact and opening you up to new possibilities for your customers, your business and your world. A mega panel with over 10 startups taking on the world with:

Session Highlights:
  • New business models and Business channels
  • New product and service models such with great franchise on the industry
  • Direct to consumer - Brands going director to customer: Strategies, challenges and opportunities